CNG and Biogas

Hydrogen Compressors

Stationary high pressure compressors for the compression of hydrogen, natural gas and biogas. Our compressors are characterised by a sturdy construction, low speed, long service intervals and an excellent value for money. Take profit of our know-how in planning and construction of special systems.

Environment friendly fuel for natural gas vehicles (NGV), L&W compressors, storage and filtration provide the high pressure gas needed for efficient filling of NGVs. The renowned reliability and economy of L&W components help to reduce down time and keep operating costs to a minimum.


Type From To
Inlet pressure atmospheric 150 bar (2100 psi)
Delivery capacity 6 m³/h (3,5 cfm) 700 m³/h (420 cfm)
Final pressure 10 bar (140 psi) 420 bar (6100 psi)
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